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This website is intended only for research, and educational and personal use of health care professionals. It is not intended for persons who have not received appropriate medical training, and the results of the models should never be used alone for making clinical decisions in patient care. Survival estimates are based on the described patient series. Outcomes may vary between institutions, countries, and time periods, and improvements in the diagnostics and therapeutics of cancer has influence on the results.

Any survival estimates obtained by using this website should be judged together with other existing research data. While the goal of this project is to make the models as accurate as possible, no warranties, implicit or otherwise,


are being made as to the accuracy of the estimates. The databases, models and documentation are being revised and expanded on an ongoing basis. Users should visit the main website finprog.primed.info to look for updates of the models.

The models at this web site are intended for non-commercial purposes only. Approvement by the FinProg Research Group and due acknowledgement is required if results obtained by using the models are considered for publication in any form. Comments and questions are welcome. Any commercial use or re-distribution requires prior written consent of the FinProg Research Group.

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