A selection of prognostic factors are available for case-match survival estimation. The default selection in the drop-down list for each factor is "All", which means that no selection has been made for the specific factor.

The user can select any of the categories in the drop-down lists for one ore more of the available variables.
Note that it is not necessary to select categories for all variables. By clicking the variable name an explanation of the current variable is diplayed. A variable selection guide is included on the website. 

After completing the selection process the calculate button is clicked. This starts a query to
the Finprog database to retrieve data on patients with a matching prognostic factor profile and known outcome.
A survival curve is calculated according to the Kaplan-Meier product-limit method on the server using the actual survival data of all matching patients. 

A description of the case-match system has been published in:
BMJ 2003;326:29 (Full text )

BMJ 2003;326:2-3 (Editorial)

Note that a second profile can also be added by clicking the blue triangle-arrow   to the right of 'Profile1'.